We are open!

    new store :)

    We are happy to announce the opening of our international online store.
    If you're not in Argentina, now you can have our products with you. Please visit us here, hope you like it!


    What inspires us?

      Many things can be those that inspires us to do a notebook: a song, a conversation, something we saw throughout the day or, as in this case, a material.
      The idea comes quickly, then the process of its transformation into a notebook, requires patience...
      lunes ••
      take measures, make cuts;
      la cuna
      combine materials and colors;
      paste, assemble and see that everything is where it should (or where you had planned);
      look for the last time and now wait the pressing and drying time.
      Finally, it's time to join the parts, sewing and see it finished! :)
      Bleu blanc rouge •